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Amorphous Alloy Transformers are a new type of transformers with amorphous alloy as its care. The amorphous alloy is with relatively high magnet induction intensity, low coercive force, low loss, low magnetizing current and stability with temperature changes. Compared to 5g series transformers, its no-load loss decreases by 78-80%, and no-load current by 50%.It is highly energy-saving.Amorphous alloy transformer is green,environmentally friendly, energy saving, and highly efficient.

Main functions and characters

●The core is with three phases, four frames and five columns.
●By using Dyn11 as vector group, it is good for reducing the harmonic wave of the grid and improve the power supply.
●Tank is sealed, the operation is stable, and free from maintenance.
●Its no-load loss is only 20% of that of S9 type transformers, and no-load current just 50% compared to S9 type transformers.

S(B)H15-30-2500/10 Series Three-phase Amorphous Alloy Transformers.